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The Urban Lighting Project

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The Urban Lighting Project
  LYOUTHE LIGHTING urban lighting project can create the night of the city as a colorful and bright light image, fully express the urban environment and culture and architectural aesthetics, make the city have a stronger sense of the times, and improve the urban aesthetic, which is very attractive. A "good urban lighting" should be integrated, planned and designed. It's not just "a look", it's actually "usage". Urban lighting planning should pay attention to the following points:
1.Integrity is the first element.
In terms of lighting, the urban scale is relatively large, so it is impossible for us to expand the entire urban with detailed lighting planning. Only by clearly reflecting the structural system of the urban and integrating different styles of areas through different lighting elements can the overall planning effect be formed.
Put people first. It means that our goal is to create a public space, the comfy lighting environment for residents and travelers who enjoys nighttime activities.

3.Third, energy saving and environmental protection. The capital and energy should be used reasonably. Under the premise of satisfying the quantity and quality of lighting, the investment and power consumption should be saved as far as possible. Respect and protect the ecosystem, protect the urban from light pollution caused by illumination, to achieve environmental protection and sustainable development of the urban.

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